HELP!! New baby chick is gasping for breath!!!

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    We just bought eight new baby chicks from the feed store about four days ago and now one of our rhode island red babies doesent looks so good. Our baby is signifagantly smaller thane the res of the group and I dont think that she is eating. She has been just laying on her side and now she wont even open her eyes. I think she is going to die soon [​IMG] , so any info would help!! Thanks in advance![​IMG]

    Update: The baby is now gasping!!


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    I'm so sorry, looks like you've lost the battle.

    When they first look like they are not thriving, that's when you make certain that they are drinking and then you mix a little water with mash and put it down the throat.

    Better luck next time...

    Again I'm sorry and wish someone would have answered you sooner.

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