Help!! New Baby chickens hatching-other birds pecking at baby's ears

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    It is killing me to write this because the thought of it makes me sick. My standard cochin hens along with one buff orpington and one dark brahma are all broody and all sitting on eggs and hatching in their barn. About 4-5 days ago the first one hatched. Did great -no problems. I left the baby in the coop with the mom's and they were all doing great. I made sure the baby got it's first drink of water and food. I left food and water right by nests. Couple days later,,,2 more hatch. Both those chicks also doing great-no problems. I have 3 healthy happy babies doing great.
    THEN, yesterday, I find a hatched chick with dry feathers laying on the barn floor away from Momma hen and dying. Looked like it had been pecked on both sides of it's head till blood was drawn. The small chick was exausted and I was shocked and horrified to find this. I brought the little chick inside and wrapped it up and kept it warm in my house as it slowly died.
    Today, I checked this morning to see if anything new had hatched and one new one did hatch but it was under it's mom with wet feathers. All looked normal. I waited a few hours to go check on the new chick and found AGAIN, this new one had been pecked on both sides of it's head till blood was drawn. Looks like someone is pecking the ears! What on earth is this??? This chick looks to be way stronger than yesterday's and managed to drink water for me. I put him inside in a brooder and he is resting fine. Both sides of it's head is bloody but it is still chirping and can stand. It is resting nicely in the brooder under a red light.
    I feel awful and horrified. What on earth is going on?? Is this the doings of the mom or a mom? Is it the other chicks? What does this mean and why is it happening??? I'm about ready to take all eggs away from all the moms and be done with this. This is horrible! Someone please help me and tell me if you have ever experienced anything like this?????!!!!! Please please respond! Julie
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    It is most likely one of the other grown birds. You must always separate your broody, as the others see the babies as intruders.

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