Help! New chick mom (ME) what to do next??

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  1. dkluzier

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    Oh my gosh! My eggs are hatching. What next?? Do I wait to move the chicks or what?? I see a beak, do I help it out?

    I had to help my goat kid be born and am a nervous wreck.

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    Mar 16, 2009
    onchiota NY
    step away-just should not step in unless its been a longg time..I dont know how long exactly but you need to let them do it-they will rest and try again and repeat it. some take a day to come out...dont take them out of the bator till they are dry-then put them in warm brooder show them where the food and water is-dip their beaks in them-may a few time if neccessary. just relax and let mother nature help them-I say this now-but I have my first batch ever due in 2 weeks-[​IMG]
  3. dkluzier

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    I am just so excited! The Rooster (Big John) died 2 days after we filled the incubator with his eggs and I wasn't sure that he was doing his job! Now he'll be a daddy post-mortem!!!

    I was chillin at the computer and heard a little "PEEP" and looked and there's the little beak sticking out. I didn't have much hope that any of them would hatch!!!

    WOO HOO!!!!!

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