HELP! New chick with eyelids stuck closed!!/DEMONIC chicks!


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Today we got a new bunch of chicks, varying ages..
This lady is smaller than the rest ( but SO BEAUTIFUL) but her eyes appear to be stuck shut!!!!! We moistened them with water and one half opened, she is very weak and has drank with assistance, but hasn't eaten, a couple of the other chicks also have this problem but have at least one eye fully opened. A couple of the others opened when we put water on them to soften them up. I don't want to loose any of these chicks because they were pretty costly. Anything anyone can suggest would be greatly appreciated!!
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Moistening the eyelids is what I initially thought of too. Might give it water to drink with a dropper and see what happens. Best wishes for your little ones.
after putting the warm water on the eye, put a thin amount of neosporin on it for 2-3 days. Should open after that :)
neosporin! ok i will try that...
I have noticed that a bunch of the other have closed eyes as well, they pick at each others eyes, which hurts them and makes them keep them closed. Anything i can do to deter the picking.. bratty bunch of chick i have apparently.

..One good thing that came out of the pecking is that the little guy pictured got one of his eye's pecked open, he was lethargic and wouldn't eat or drinking before with both closed. Now he has the one partially open and it much more active and eating and drinking on his own!:)
Do you have a red or white light in the brooder for heat. Although I used a white light with no problems a red light is generally recommended. Does not cause as much aggression. Also the more room the better, overcrowding can cause them to peck also. Shouldn't be a problem at that age though. They will peck at everything, that's how they explore their world.
I had this problem not too long ago when raising my little ones. She did end up dying within two days. Symptoms: doesn't eat nearly as much as the others, can't really stand up straight, sits down a lot, cannot walk correctly, doesn't drink near as much as the other chicks, and just doesn't look right and VERY LETHARGIC! None of these are good sings. Your first reaction will be to provide immediate attention and care to the the little guy. DONT! Put some gatorade in a little cup that it can drink if it wants to and put some finely shredded cheese in the food. Do not separate her from the others. If it has pasty butt, leave it alone and DO NOT clean the butt, just let it be. These tips will give your little chick the best chance to survive. All in all, leave it alone from the others and don't pay it any special attention. Best of luck to you!
I am at my wits end with these chicks! The little guy is doing great, but my chicks are honestly demonic! They will not stop pecking each other in the eyes, several now have fairly damaged eyes and can hardly eat or drink without being attacked, or sleep...

SO now i had to divide my beautiful large brooder into 7 separate sections, with 5 of the chicks in complete isolation.. They are the worst of the peckers..They are not happy about this, neither am i but i don't see any other choice! UGH! I have 12 barred rocks that get along so great. I have no idea what these chicks are getting out of pecking each others eyes out.. i really hope there is no lasting damage!
With the amount of crust on the eyes is it possible that they have some sort of virus or infection that is causing conjunctivitis like symptoms? I've also heard that eye infections can often be a sign of an underlying respiratory illness.

I'd say with all the pecking and carrying on you may have some sort of illness or bug in there.

It is important that you ensure all chicks are able to open their eyes. Bathe them in warm salty water. If they cannot open their eyes they will not be able to find food and will quickly become malnourished. I also like the idea from Izzymoon to put some neosporin on the eyelids (as long as it does not contain any of the 'caine' ingredients).

Pop some vitamins in their water if you have some. Unfortunately I'm not sure what you can get in the states with regards to vitamins and chick medication. Over here in Australia we often give chicks a bit of vegemite to boost immunity!

You can crush up vitamin C tablets and add that to the water as well as a crushed garlic clove. You cannot overdose chickens on vitamin C, because like humans, they will simply digest what is not needed. Change the crushed garlic clove every 2 days. Give them access to some a tiny bit of green feed as well to help give them a boost. Some freshly picked grass or shredded lettuce will give them something to peck at other than each other!

Good luck with your demonic babies!
Thanks TinaK, I am in Canada:) but i will try the vitamin C , and giving them some distraction. Chicks are much more fun when they are just cute.. not trying to peck each other's eyes out!!! Most are eating and drinking fine, I hope with the separate that their eyes will open back up :S.. Maybe the neosporin with deter pecking as well.
You may also try adding some apple cider vinegar to their water, you don't need much just about a teaspoon to a quart waterer. If you'd rather not worry about what is in the neosporin, you could use vaseline (petroleom jelly) best wishes..

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