Help! New chicks, sevin dust


Mar 11, 2018
Okay I'm in a hurry so excuse my bad grammar and spelling.
Had surprise chicks hatch out of nowhere in my chicken coop, my chicken house is not chick friendly so I brought them inside into my brooder. Next thing I know there are mites literally pouring off of them. The chicks appeared weak, I read It was safe to use Sevin dust on new chicks. We only put some on our fingers and rubbed it on the chicks, not their heads/faces!
Should I bathe them later to get it off of them? Is there anything else I need to do? Since the dust most of the mites have died.
Good feed and water, maybe electrolytes. Lots of love. They should be fine. Mites can bring them down. Leave the dust because the mites are in whatever bedding you have them on and in their area.
I would purschase some permethrin garden dust or 10%spray. It is safer and more effective on chickens. I have used Sevin on adult chickens, but have noted that it doesn’t seem to be killing on contact anymore. I watched for ten minutes recently while they crawled some feathers and eggs on a board I had placed Sevin dust on. Sevin is no longer recommended for chickens, but permethrin is safe. I wouldn’t wash it off, since you don’t want to chill the chicks, but just check to see that the lice are dead. You will need to retreat in 7 days, at least on the broody, to get the newly hatched mite eggs before they can reproduce. The coop or area where the chicks are, will also need treating after bedding is emptied. The spray is much easier for that, then replace the bedding. Read the label on the spray for mixing instructions for poultry—my brand is 1/2 ounce or 15 ml per gallon of water, used in a bottle sprayer or a garden sprayer. Good luck.
I like diatomaceous earth. It's safe enough to eat. Get food grade.
That's what I currently have on hand, I use it in large tubs for adult birds to dust bathe in. I just was saving it up thinking the mites wouldn't show up until spring, we still are having below freezing temps here so I had assumed they'd be dead at least another few weeks. My bad though, I should've been watching closer :hmm
DE is bad to breathe in, and doesn't actually kill lice or mites.

It is not a good choice.

It is amazing how many people think it is a good idea though...not sure why.
I suppose it's because TSC sells it in bags with pictures of chickens on it. And I always use to read it was the best. Then out of the blue I just started hearing how bad it is, it honestly shocked me. I'll use up what I've got, but I'll leave it outside so they don't breathe it in the coops. Here I thought using bug "killer" was harsh on chickens :lol:

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