HELP! New hen has parasite infestation and diarrhea!

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Apr 24, 2013
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I picked up six new laying hens today to add to my existing flock. Drove an hour and a half down there, the woman ended up being an hour late, and by the time she got there, I was rather disappointed in the appearance of the chickens. They just didn't look as fluffy, and upbeat as my chickens. I was anxious to just get the dang hens home, and didn't inspect them very well - got them home, and one hen in particular is in awful shape. She has diarrhea, and a BAD parasite infestation. Looks like clusters of white eggs at the base of her feathers. She's still in the transport cage. What do I do???


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Aug 6, 2010
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You don't say how old the birds are or if you know anything about them - what they were fed, if they've been wormed etc. I'd worm them with Safeguard and treat them for lice and/or mites with Frontline Plus - 3 drops for large hens, 2 for medium size, 1 for bantams. Keep them separate from your other birds, feed them a high quality diet and see how they do. And please post a progress report!


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White eggs at the base of feather shafts are lice egg clusters. My understanding is that alot of people use coconut oil to remove lice eggs rather than cutting feathers.
Also, keep the newbies in quarantine for 6 weeks away from your existing flock. Remember biosecurity. Dust the newbies with sevin dust and worm them, inspect them thoroughly for anything out of the ordinary etc...
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