HELP: newly hatched chick not walking and very little feathers

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    Mar 21, 2013
    he peeps just like a healthy chick but cannot move very much and wont even try to put weight on one of his legs. He seems very weak. His feathers won't fluff because its seem a type of liquid (maybe mucus) is dried to his skin and a little bit of blood. i've been bathing him and it helps the feathers a bit.
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    Congrats on your hatch! I would try giving the chick some childrens poly-vi-sol vitamins - just a drop several times a day. You could also give it some mashed up cooked egg with a little sugar water. I have found that getting a few specks of the cooked egg on my finger helps get them eatting when they are held. Their natural instinct is to peck at the tiny bits of food. Once they understand its food bigger pieces are fine. Here is a great link with lots of helpful info. You may need to do a little physical therapy to help stretch out the chicks legs. The link has pictures and how to info. Good Luck.
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    Mar 21, 2013
    I once had a guinea keet who could not walk, I gave her "jumping lessons" to help her walk and it worked. To begin put a towel on a hard surface and hold the chick above the towel at a hight of about 6 inches. Drop the chick on to the towel and repeat this motion untill the chick is tired. Add some more hight every day till your satified with your results. It sounds barbaric doesn't it? I am 12 years old and my mother was shocked with me, but she gave me a chance since I had bought the keets with my own money that I had saved up, and after a week or two she was walking normally.
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