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Mar 15, 2019
My chicks have started hatching. Two are out and one more is on the way. I have read a lot about how to incubate and all but I want a little more on being prepared for the unexpected.
I woke up at two this morning (they started external pipping in the afternoon/evening) to two chicks out of the shell. One was chirping and scooting all over the place but the other was laying on its back with it’s legs shaking. So I got nervous and took the incubator into the bathroom with the shower on and made the whole bathroom above 70% humidity so I could open the incubator. When I took out the one on its back I could see its neck was all bent back and it was trying to move backwards and couldn’t sit on its own. I looked it up and it was looking like it had wry neck. So then I looked for what to do and found I needed vitamin E or selenium or both in liquid form to give her drops. Nothing of which I had and I couldn’t exactly go out and get it due to the fact that it was two in the morning. So my question is:

What things do you all recommend having on hand for different situations that can arise during and shortly after hatching? This was just one situation but I plan on doing more hatches and I would like to be prepared so that I can have what I need in emergency situations.

*As a side note, the chick on her own seems to have improved over the early hours of the morning and one her own and can hold her head much better. Maybe she just had a kinked neck... I am going to get the drops now to have just incase she doesn’t improve.


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Hi there. B vitamins, E, selenium. Polyvisol without iron or nutridrench, scissors, coconut oil, tweezers, blood clotting powder and alcohol.
The vitamins are self explanatory, to give tgem a bit if a boost. The rest is to assist with hatching if you decide to do so. You might also want to research how to put a chick down just in case. Sometimes there's no helping them and a swift death is better than watching them suffer.

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