Help on hatching Wild Turkey eggs

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    Jan 4, 2009
    Ridgefield, WA
    New here - I have chickens and Rio Grande & a broad Bronze hen that mates and some Wild crosses. I had the wilds actually hatch some of their own eggs last year with the help of my banty hen, but the turkey hens get crazy if allowed to hatch their eggs out (imagine 4 very angry 15 pound gals attacking me from their nest at eye level, and the 3-4 foot tall toms joining in - [email protected]#$!!). Guess that is why they are "Wild" turkeys.
    In the interest of maintaining the peace that usually is manifest in the coop and yard, as well as the integrity of my carharts and flesh, this year I was thinking I would like to take the eggs and hatch them myself. I read some old posts including some on turkey egg hatching and I still have a few questions :
    1)was unsure if a standard egg turner will work for wild's eggs - they are about lg duck egg size, and the bronze's are a bit larger.
    2)I am seeing folks largely recommend the Hova 1588 - I am seeing prices of about $200 on eBAy (new 1588 with Hova 1610 turner)- does that sound right? Not sure I can justify the cost for my hobby, but suppose I could sell some poults to recoup the price.
    3)Also, I wonder if there is a way to mark eggs that will not injure them, so I can keep track of date put in, and which hen they are from.
    4)I have one hen who insists on laying in the mud by the waterer - should the mud be cleaned off her eggs before hatching, and if so, with what? Always heard you should not handle fertile eggs with bare hands if you want them to hatch, so what does muck do to them?
    5)Does everyone candle their eggs? Is it worth taking them out of the bator to do it?

    Thank you for reading my post, your time and any help you can share - Andy
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    Jan 4, 2009
    I just hatched 12 of 13 duck eggs in a LG using a turner. My instruction for my LG turner not to use. Last year hatched turkey eggs without turner what a pain. the duck eggs where bigger than the turkey eggs. When hatching the duck eggs it did make shifting noises as it turned. Mark your eggs with a pencil. This is what I think there will be some disagreement with.I wash my hatching in a betadine solution with water whhereit looks like a week tea solution, temp of water at 110 to 115. Wash quikly and rinse then set on paper towels to dry.I then put eggs in cartoon toset for a day before placing in incubator.Hatched prior duck eggs after washing also hatched 18 of 21 mailed guinea fowl eggs last year tha where pretty dirty.i candle my eggs on day 11 discarding bad eggs. I myself am planning on hatching turkey eggs using my turner just to see because it is worth it
    good luck

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