HELP! One of my meat birds butt is bloody and he's acting lethargic!


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We have a four week old cornish rock that was hidding in the corner of our pen, not moving. When my husband pulled him out his rear end was all bloody and impacted. It almost looked like some of ther other birds were pecking him. We washed up in warm water and mild soap but his not pooping. He has a bit of blood coming out but no poop. He seems very unresponsive, just stands there. I don't know what to do for him. We've isolated him and another bird that looks like she may have the same problem but she is more lively and is still pooping just fine. HELP! We just don't know what to do for the poor thing, as we are realitively new at this.
Yes keep them isolated. and get some electrolytes and vitamins in the water. Keep them in a warm quiet place. Feed some hard boiled egg and yogurt if you have it. They will peck each other when there is a spot like that.
Hopefully someone else will chime in.
Good Luck!
Neosporin? I will definately do that. I have periodically forcing water down him and he's still hanging in there. I will try the yogurt and boiled egg first thing in the morning. So far, the bleeding has seemed to stop and white poop is oozing out which we are watching and cleaning carefully. Thank you for the advice. I will continue to check for more posts. Thanks again.
I suspect they have an overload of cocci, esp. if you are not feeding medicated feed. I would get some Corid and dose the flock. Should not affect the meat.
We had all of our birds vaccinated when we ordered them, and was suggested that we do not use medicated feed. However, if that would help where could we get some (since we have him isolated we could feed the medicated feed to just him) I have not seen any medicated feed at our normal supplier. He is still alive but we are having to force feed and water him. We are tring to keep the amount of food intake to a minimum for now though
Do you have the electrolytes and vitamins in the water yet?
How's his poo?
Also you can get medicated feed at the feed store. Try to call and see if another feed store has any. You only need 1 small bag if they have it that way. It does not hurt to feed all of them medicated feed. It's just a personal choice. Sometimes the birds need that extra help when they are still young.
Why are you decreasing food?
Is it because hiss but is still real irritated?
Have you tried soaking it (the bottom) at all?

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