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    Mar 31, 2008
    I wrote earlier today about the order for RB where 6 out of the 16 chicks were DOA. Of the 5 Speckled Sussex chicks only one is still alive. It cheeps(sp) soo loud it hurts your ears. It does not want much of anything to do with the other chicks. The min I pick it up it stops. When I put it down on the other side of the brooder it runs back over to me and starts jumping up the side to get to me or my children. Is that normal for SS or is she upset because she is the only SS? I can't hold her 24/7. She seems strong and has eaten chick grow(green jelly) and had water. I can hear her as I write this. None of the other chick are doing this. When the door was opened to the laundry room for too long the temp went down to 93.5 and all the chicks got together under the light. Only then, when she was tight in with the other chicks did she not cry in the brooder.
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    Ohhhh yes.. i feel your pain

    My last hatch i had one chick out the bunch that would not stop screaming.. no matter what i did.. only time it stop was in it took 3 and 5 mins naps or when i picked it up and it went on for 3 whole weeks for me [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I'm not sure theres anything you can do but if there is i'm sure someone that has had luck with this will reply [​IMG]

    And sorry about the chicks that didn't make it.

    Hope all go's well [​IMG]

    * edit cuz i can't *
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