HELP! Perkin duck can't stand and falls over, wobbles head, tearing eyes, panting

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by bdba7991, Jun 16, 2016.

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    Jun 16, 2016
    Hello! I really need HELP!!! My duck Butters has all of a sudden not been able to walk :( and he falls over but keeps trying get up and stand. He does live inside, he's 3 months old now. His one eye started tearing bad and it almost looks lightly red around the feathers.hes panting, but he's drinking water. He wasn't eating before till after I gave him a bath and cleaned his bed and gave fresh water and food and he ate a little.i thought maybe it was the niactin he needed so night I gave him some peas. We thought he was overweight at first and that's why he could not walk but i think he is fine he's really not fat. Someone please help I called the vet and they haven't called me back
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    Please post on the "Duck thread," giving as much information as possible. If you have a video showing what his condition is - that could be of enormous help. Do you think it is possible he had a stroke, or heat related event?
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    I just found this post - is the duck okay? It sounds like it could be botulism or some kind of toxin. Here is information on flushes, and charcoal slurry

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