Help Please 1wk old Pheasant can't hold his head up


8 Years
Jun 17, 2011
Can anybody help me figure out why my 1wk old pheasant is now having trouble keeping his head up. He has been fine all wk long exept for today. I keep the temp at 95. They have been feed the same food until yesterday when I gave them some lettuce.It was washed.
I noticed early this morning and I thought he was looking for food but upon further examination he just kept going in circles so then I ewknwe something was wrong. I took him out and massage his neck and gave him some water moved his neck around to see if it was broken and nothing out of the ordinary and then he seemed to be fine so I let him be for awhile. Now again he is hanging his head?? I have other baby chicks in there and I will have about 10 more by the end of today but I am worried.
Please if anyone has any info please please call me or email me.
My number is 970-596-7560 or email [email protected]. I am heading to the feed store to see if they may know anything.
Thanks so much,
I personally would give it some vitamin E from a gel cap.... just a drop a day for that young. I would also give some poultry nutri drench in its water. Was there any moldy feed it may have ate? Perhaps something on the lettuce. I know with chickens that stand with head down like a brick often have botulism...... u can also put a teaspoon of epsom salt in a glass of warm water,mix and give some for it to drink and help flush out its crop.
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Yes I have been giving it some SAV A CHICK soulution that you mix in water that is very high in vitamins and every hr and massaged his neck and stretched it out to loosen it and then I have bought some new food that I have sprinkled with water and I open it's mouth and put some in there also which it gobbles up. This has gone on since Friday and yesterday I hope that I saw some improvement because he was up walking around with his head up and went to the food and water so I put some food in the water since that's what he seemed to be trying to do and he did get some food that way. He did stay up for about 5 minutes without falling down. Then this morning he was up walking again so I am hopefull that he will make it. I would suggest to anybody that has a problem like this to not give up like I almost did when I saw this little guy. Let's just hope he make it threw this with out any problems.
Glad to hear your baby has a good chance of recovering Patty!!!! Prayers really do work, don't they?

Did you get the email I sent you? Haven't heard from you in a few days and I was starting, again, to worry about you. Praying you and the little yellow are doing okay.

A friend and I set 167 chicken eggs in his incubator tonight, 54 of which were from my red sexlink chickens. His bator holds 1300+ eggs, and he's got 4 of them with 2 of them being bigger than the one we set the eggs in tonight. The other 3 aren't set up yet but will be soon. Hope you're gonna have plenty of eggs next year to send me 'cause he said he'd hatch as many eggs as I can get....WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!

Hope the rest of your hatches go well for you. What have you decided what you're gonna do on the 38 babies you have?

Take care,


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