HELP Please -Bumble Foot is still there!!

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    I followed the directions of someone on this site, on how to cut away bumbles. I posted my pics below.
    I just removed the bandages to find the wounds healed, but they look like I never even cut the bumbles out! What do I do? Please help. I have 4 hens with bumbles, and 2 of them have it on both feet.
    You can see below, what I originally did for them.

    Several days ago I discovered that 4 of my ladies had bumble foot. (The diagnosis came, of course, after I rushed to the 'puter to look it up on this site!). I read a post that gave step by step instructions on how to cut away the bumble, so I sat up my surgery center on top of the clothes dryer, and with my 13 year old as my assistant, we began.

    First I soaked their feet in very warm salt water, which they all seemed to love. After laying each one on her side and covering her head, I began to cut away at the bumble.

    Ruffles had a very large bumble. With Ruffles, Cheddar, and Isa, there was no pus, no hard core, no cottage cheese-like stuff inside. It was only the hard, black bumble that I cut away with only blood and flesh underneath. No yucky stuff. I cut several centimeters into each foot. I didn't just shave off the tops of the bumble. I bandaged each of them after applying triple antibiotic cream on gauze.

    From what I had read, I was expecting pus and gooey stuff to come out of each foot.

    The only one who came close to that was SE. With the first cut, it was oozing white stuff. After making the cuts all around the bumble and pulling it away with the tweezers, a hard core came out with it.

    Today, I brought each girl in and removed their bandages to take a look. I first soaked each foot in warm water for a couple of minutes and then examined them. I reapplied the triple antibiotic ointment and re-bandaged them. The problem is.... I don't know what they are supposed to look like now.

    I took pictures, and if you guys with experience will take a look, I'd appreciate it. I hope the reason for the lack of "gunk" coming out of 3 of the 4 doesn't mean I didn't clean them out well enough. I can't tell if they look like they are healing, or if they look like they are infected.


    Ruffle's bumble


    Ruffles - 3 days after


    SE's bumble


    SE after cutting bumble out


    SE's bumble with hard core attached


    SE, 3 days after


    Cheddar, 3 days after


    Isa, 3 days after
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