Help please! Cocci or hairworms??

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    Jul 29, 2010
    Northern NY
    I am new to chickens, so any help would be appreciated. One or both of my 15 week old pullets has a small amount of blood in thier stool. It is not diarrhea, but formed. Some of thier stool has also had a spinach-green tint. When I cleaned thier coop today I also noticed an ashy looking residue on the poop, maybe dried up worms? I am getting meds for them in the morning, but want to be sure I am treating them for the right problem. They also seem to be drinking more and just sat around most of the day. (this is unlike them) Poor babies just kept comming over and sitting on the porch step. As far as I know it has to be either cocci or hairworms, so I am unsure of how to treat. Any help is very appreciated as I am very worried. Thier coop is leak proof and they have a covered run, so they have not been in damp conditions, however the humidity this year has been bad.

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