Help please, dog pulling out her hair

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  1. I have a nonsense-tu poodle mix, that pulls her hair out in chunks around her tail. I have clipped her almost down to the skin and she has these huge red spots, looks like hot spots, on her, and I do not have the money to take her to the vet, He just built a new office and raised all his prices on everything. Does any one have a suggestion what I can do, the footrest of my recliner is just high enough for her to get under and rub her hair off I think she's about 10 years old, she is a rescue, my GD brought her home to me, as her owners were on the way to have her put to sleep and we have had her problem 3 or 4 years .and every summer we go thru this.any suggestions PLEASE marrie
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    oh poor girl! I'm so glad you could give her a home!

    hmmm.... well, this is a shot in the dark but I had standard poodle when I was growing up and he used to chew the hair off his back end near his tail... causing a large, bare spot that was red and lumpy.

    It was caused by an allergy to fleas. If he ever got any fleas he reacted horribly and got really itchy and chewed his hair and even his skin off.

    So... my only thought would be an allergy to fleas.... maybe try some Frontline or other flea & tick medication? It would not be free but it would be cheaper than a trip to the vet.

    Let us know how it goes!
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    Most pet stores any farm stores will carry a spray or liniment for hot spots. Try those or pure Aloe Vera. My dog does this when she eats anything with wheat in it.

    I would give her a bath with a oatmeal or medicated shampoo. Then apply frontline. Cover the areas with the spray or liniment. And go from there.

    Sounds more like a flea allergy then a food one if its seasonal.

    Make sure you use frontline or advantix. The rest are not worth the money. If you use a cheap grocery store one, you'll just be wasting money.
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    First Permectrin II dip 2 tablespoons for every 3 gallons, I like to give my dog a bath first so he is nice and wet then I use a spray bottle to spray him down with the mix, then in 14 days do again. You can also spray down there areas with this mixture, bedding, floors, kennels and what not.
    In the time you are waiting you can use these they both work great on our dog, NU-STOCK I add a little baby oil because we have to cover a large area for him and this makes it easier to spread. Every 3 days till hair comes back
    We also have used Horseman's Dream Fung-a-way works great for summer itch(hot spots) when we catch the spots before they get to red. Every day.
    Hope this also helps your dog.
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  5. thanks guys, I did see a couple fleas when i was clipping her. I keep a bottle of Adams flea spray so I will give her a good bath with dawn and spray her down good. she sleeps on the couch most of the day unless she has to go potty, so guess that means vacuum couch and spray it to Thanks again, marrie I have some tea tree oil will rub on raw places for now Long trip to town.
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    Something I have always used with hot spots is watered down betadine.. I keep a spray bottle with two parts water , one part betadine... Spray area once or twice a day .. My Olde English Mastiff used to get them badly and the vet I worked told me to do this .. Worked everytime..
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    I used to have a cat that did that! Poor thing he was bald half way down his back! He did not have fleas or anything, the vet thought it was like humans biting their nails, but I think there was something else going on. I tried an oatmeal bath and that seemed to help him. Good luck!!
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    Advantage flea control is only about $10-12/tube. It's very effective and breaks the fleas' life cycle. Go easy with Adams' spray - most vets hate that stuff as it's quite toxic. Has been known to cause seizures, etc. I use Advantage on my 6 dogs and 7 cats...NO FLEAS! You may be able to find it cheaper on the internet, but with shipping etc. it might be about the same as from the vet or a feed store. Be sure to read the directions carefully, and check for interactions. You don't want to over-toxify your new friend!
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    I agree with Advantage for flea control. Also, a powdered rub on antiperspirant or foot powder applied to hot spots works wonders (kills itch and dries up area).

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