help please!!!! hurt chicken!! crushed toe...

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    Apr 26, 2012
    two days ago when i was out taking care of the chickens i noticed one of them was only standing on one foot and i looked and it looks like its toe has been crushed by something its black and falling off and it cant walk on the foot hardly it limps around and wont move... my mom is crushed because she loves the chickens so much and we asked someone and they said the only thing you can do is kill it but she just doesnt want to part with i.. is there anything we can do to help it get better? i went out today to check on it and it looked liek it was chewing on it it black and hanging off it the middle toe... the other two chickens wont leave her side.. does anyone know of anyway to help? thank you all so much! any help would be great!! :)
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