help please my chicken is dying!

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    May 25, 2016
    Hi all- Just joined so that i can ask this. I recently adopted 3 chickens and am new to this. One of my new hens came with a birth defect that looked like a big bubble on her butt. Almost like an unshelled egg. The previous owners/chicken parents said it had always been there and that sometimes it got smaller. Anyway, this evening it burst or something. It appears that it contained intestines and blood vessels and said hen is clearly dying. How can I ease her suffering? Mind you I am by myself. Thanks for any help!
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    Sorry that you are dealing with this alone. That sounds like a hernia or a prolapsed vent. Can you post a picture? Is the bubble directly over her vent or under it? The easiest way to end her suffering would be to cut her jugular vein. You can tie her feet together with string or twine, and hang her upside down. I realize that doesn' t sound very humane, but they are actually calm when help upside down, and hung on a tree branch or a nail. That is how many people humanely butcher chickens for meat. Do you have any hunter friends or neighbors who would dispatch her for you? If you think she could have a prolapsed vent, you can try to treat her by lubricating the prolapse, and pushing it back inside. Honey or hemorrhoid cream can be used to reduce the swelling of a prolapse. If it is a hernia that has burst open, then she should be put down.
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    Sep 5, 2015
    oh, this sounds horrible!!!! so sorry for you[​IMG]

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