Help chicken killed by a UPS truck, another injured....

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    HI, we lost our first girl to the UPS truck on Monday....killed instantly..unfortunately, there was another one with her in the road....she has a broken wing , feathers are hanging down, and feathers are gone off her leg...she doesn't appear to have any bloody places that the skin is broken..but her wing feathers are dragging the ground....the last 2-3 feathers.... :( She is 'puffed' up and very to herself.....I have just noticed her this morning....was gone all day yesterday.....what can I do for her? She is still laying her egg as well....... any help is appreciated. :(
    SHE'S ALIVE!!! She has a broken wing, I have counted them *8* times....she had to have come home this morning! :) She's in bad shape...where in the world has she been the past 48 hours?! I have looked everywhere for her.....she's eating and staying close to the coop....but she's alive! It is a season for miracles.
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    Oh dear! I am so sorry for your loss.

    I actually was just commenting on another wing problem so I have this link handy. If her wing is broken, her best bet is to see a vet, but I understand if you cannot do this. If you wish to treat her at home, you can. I recommend wrapping her wing both to stabalize the wing and then immobilize the shoulder joint (the way they have the green quaker parrot in this video):

    If you don't have vet wrap, you can get it at most places that sell horse supplies, such as Tractor Supply. You may or may not need to cut the strips thinner depending on how wide the kind you get is.

    Hopefully she only has the broken wing and no internal injuries. If she is suffering from internal injuries, she will be hard to treat.. keep a close eye on her, and gently check her for swelling or evidence of trauma... if she has internal bleeding, there is not much you can do at home to save her.

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