Help please! sexing 8 chicks ( 8 weeks )

Below frigid

Nov 5, 2017
California ( Central Coast )
I have 8 Oliver Egger chicks. I have an idea of what most are but am only sure about the sex of 4. I could still be wrong as I am still a novice when it comes to chickens. Here is a couple of group photos of 7 and a photo of the 1 that did not make the group shot. If you could start with the one in the back left then go down the line. Many thanks for the help!


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I only see 1 pullet, the black one, in the first photo. But to be sure, you need to take a photo of each individual bird standing, from the side.
Yeah, so I have two pullets because there are two of those that are identical. The two I was sure of. A lot of work for 25% being pullets. I was planning on keeping two cockerels. So I have 4 Olive Egger cockerels for adoption, South Monterey County, California 93426 if anyone is interested.

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