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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by 1duckychick, May 14, 2010.

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    Jun 18, 2009
    Two days ago my DH rescued 2 abandoned baby mallards (mom and the other babies didn't make it). They were probably a day old. They were both doing fine then yesterday I noticed that the littlest one wasn't pooping normally. She would do that back-up squatting thing two or thre times in a row but nothing but a little liquid was coming out. She was still running around though. Now this morning, all she's doing is lying around and sleeping. Still no pooping. She was eating like a champ the last two days but today not a nibble.

    Day one I was feeding them smashed layer feed (same stuff I feed my grown ducks - all I had at the time). Then we picked up unmedicated starter feed and put them on that. Their pen is made of grass and hay - no newspaper or wood chips, a heat lamp and a water dispenser.

    Any ideas what could be wrong and how to treat her?
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    I really don't have any advice to give, hopefully someone else will see this thread and be able to give you some advice. Good luck!
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    maybe shes constipated? i dont know if ducks can be constipated...try to give her some food that maybe will make her poo a little relaxed? maybe tomatoes...just an idea...sorry cant be of more help. Good luck.
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    Have they been given any sand or grit? I am trying to get the timing right. Two days ago they were a day old, so yesterday they were okay, today not. You got unmedicated yesterday so they were on medicated chick feed for a day. Is that right?

    I would get them onto some probiotics pronto, if you can't find a vitamin electrolyte probiotic formula at the feed store, try mixing plain yogurt (the kind with active, live cultures) half and half with water.

    Give a little sand or chick grit if available. Just a few grains, or a couple of pinches.

    Make sure they are getting plenty of water. Can you get them into a very shallow pan of warm (90 degree F) water for a little swim? Exercise often helps digestion.

    If I think of any other ideas I will send them on.

    When you said mom and others did make it, didn't survive what?
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