Help, please. Somewhat urgent. Rescued chick advice?

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  1. When I transferred my chicks from the incubator to the brooder this morning, I didn't notice until almost too late that one chick still hadn't finished hatching. It had finished zipping when I rudely interrupted to move its compadres to the brooder. I immediately plugged the bator back in and closed the top but the damage had been done and this poor chick was stuck and couldn't get out of its shell. My husband and I used tweezers, a syringe and a warm washcloth to moisten the membrane and peel enough shell off to enable the chick to break free and we succeeded. It's been some time now and the chick is dry, however, the gunk left over from his traumatic hatch is still all over him and his down is all matted. Also it looks like he may have a small wound. I have him in the brooder with the other chicks and for now, they're not bothering him. Can someone advise me on how to get him cleaned up without further harming him?
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    I wish I could help but I havent done my own hatch as of yet, But heres a BUMP! Good Luck
  3. The other chicks started pecking at him so I put him a little plastic container within the brooder to separate him off.
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    A lot of times the other chicks will clean the gunk off. Are you sure that's not what they were doing? I say leave him be. When he gathers strenght he will start to clean himeself and get it off. Just keep he warm right now.
  5. Quote:They were pecking at the sore spot mostly which was what concerns me.

    I say leave him be. When he gathers strenght he will start to clean himeself and get it off. Just keep he warm right now.

    All right, thanks.​
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    I would try to clean him up with out getting him to wet or cold. Maybe under a heat lamp. If he has a wound I would put some antibiotic cream on the spot. (not the kind that is for pain as that is toxic to chickens) if you have some blu-kote that is good for a wound as well.
    Is he getting electrolites in water ? Is he getting anibiotic in either water or feed ? Might help for infection.

    Make sure you are keeping him at 90 degrees and keep him drinking. If it's hotter than that he could get dehydrated.
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    I think it's more important to make sure he's eating, drinking & pooping. Plenty of time to clean him up later when he's not so exhausted and stressed from the hatch.
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    Poor baby. She doesn't need to drink or eat for the first two days. The poor thing is just exhausted. Yes, separate her from the others, within the brooder if possible, or heat up the bator and put her back in there. But let her rest until tomorrow. Chicks are very resilient and she should bounce back with rest. Remember, she has just absorbed the yolk and has plenty of nutrition and liquids for now. That's why they can ship day old chicks, they don't have to have nutrition for 3 days after hatching. I have had this happen, too, and my chicks came back just fine. [​IMG]
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    How is your baby doing?
  10. S/he's hanging in there in her plastic container. I've got some chick feed in there but she's not eating it yet or drinking. But she seems to have plenty of energy.

    Would neosporin be OK to put on her sore spot?

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