help please with gluten free foods/recipes, ideas!

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    So its recommended I go gluten and dairy free for a week. That's right, for the holidays!!

    So, that means stay away from breads and pasta right?
    What about potatoes? Thats veggie, not gluten, correct?

    Gotta do some research.
    Gotta get well!

    Thanks in advance for help!!
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    Quote:My daughter is wheat free, gluten free. That just started this year so I'm still learning.

    I read all the lables now, most preservatives and food dyes use wheat products as a base.

    Our grocery store is part of Kroger's chain, they have a whole gluten free/wheat free section in the health food section of the store. She can eat CORN tortilla chips, vaggies, fruits, meats, cheeses, where we have problems is the processed foods so I don't buy any. I do alot more cooking from scratch so I know what's in stuff. If I do need something I buy organic so I don't have to worry about hte dyes and preservatives. I am able to get pancake mix and bread mix in the wheatfree section of the store. They also carry an assortment of cereals, pastas (rice and tapioca flour) crakers and cookies.
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    Mar 17, 2009
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    I have friends that have autistic children that have to do wheat-free, gluten-free and casein-free diets. I know they bought cookbooks on cooking gluten free. One of the cookbooks had a list of common things that had gluten in it, like baking powder (!!!). I guess that makes sense, since Michelle said they use gluten products as preservatives.

    I know one woman uses rice flour instead of wheat flour and she buys everything organic.
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    is a magazine that is for peole who need a gluten free dairy free diet. It has some good recipies in it. Good luck. and yes you can still have potatoes. My favorite way to make mashed potatoes dairy free is simple. cut up potatoes, put them in a pot and just barely cover them with water. Add a few veggie or chicken bullion cubes. I use the Knorr brand. Boil until soft. Drain water into a bowl. Mash and then add the water from the bowl until it reaches the correct consistancy. Any leftover water I freeze and save to use as a base for potato and leek soup! My sister is very lactose intolerant and se loves to make pototoes like this.
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    I second livingwithout magazine and website, I love how they give you suggestions for replacements and lots of variety of recipes. We have family members who are GF/DF/egg free.
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    Good book from the library, -Gluten free girl. Also good website for recipes and info is I am sensitive to wheat and trying to better recipes and other foods.
    good luck. Alot of people are sensitive and do better on gluten free diets. bulk foods. Best to get an order together with friends and by big in bulk.
    They have great glutenfree pancake flour in 25 lb bags.

    Rachaelc mother of all
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    Ok, if it's just a week of gluten free I don't recommend that you go out and buy a whole bunch of gluten free food substitutes. Once your done with your test you can decide then if your continuing and if you are is when the substituting pasta's and breads comes in.

    For now:
    Potatoes from scratch are fine (no boxed potatoes)
    Rice is fine
    All from scratch or frozen without sauce veggies are fine.
    Fruit is Fine
    Meat is Fine. (Avoid the marinades)

    No bread products at all
    No Soy sauce or anything with soy sauce in it.
    No pre-cooked/processed foods (If your eating GF for life you get used to reading labels and can risk it)

    Corn tortillas are great for substitute bread - as long as the only ingredients are - Masa (or corn meal), Lime and Water. There can be a chemical in there for preservation.

    As far as fast food:
    At McDonalds: Only the Fries are OK, and they are considered "iffy" by truly strict non-gluten diets. The Celiac Council has declared them OK though.
    Nothing at Burger King, KFC, Bojangles, Arbys, Hardees.
    Wendy's - Baked Potato, Chili, and some salads provided they don't have the croutons, and you get the grilled chicken, and they don't handle or cut the chicken for you (cross contamination) they just put it in a separate container and you cut it yourself.
    Chik Fil A has a few things, can't remember what they are.

    Eating out: Out Back, Bone Fish, Chili's, LoneStar, Five Guys and many others like them have gluten free menu's. Many will also have dairy free that you can cross reference.

    Panera Bread has a big book of allergens etc. If you go in, you only need to tell them you have to look at the book. They will hand it to you, it has ever ingredient in every food they serve. Just pick what you would like to eat and check it out.

    Hope this helps. Feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions. I've been living with Celiac a long time.

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    Nov 8, 2009
    I have a gluten-free friend coming over for christmas party, am making stuffed mushrooms(mushrooms with jimmy dean sausage cooked inside) and of course, deviled eggs. both are wheat free!
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    I am on my quest to being gluten free. I feel like dog doo whenever I eat face , head and nose itches too. I consider eating gluten still like aversion training for a dog.........if I feel bad enough maybe I will completely change my ways.
    Are you looking for meu items for the holidays or just a way to get thru???
    You could do a spinach dip or artichoke dip or use as a side dish. Olive tampenade makes a nice dip with veggies. Hummus makes a great dip too or a filling for sandwiches or tortillas.
    Another thing that is easy to do with all your eggs is make a big poufy souffle sort of dish with spinach, feta and spanokopita without the phyllo outside.

    For breakfast, make fruit smoothies or eat eggs and gluten free toast (that's my game plan most days)
    For lunch, almost always if I am at home, a veggie and cheese corn tortilla or if I am at work, I try to choose appropriately from the cafeteria menu.
    For supper, of course, pastas are out, just do two or three veggie side dishes and may not miss the pastas and the such if you have diverse veggies in your diet.
    I actually bought gluten free pasta the other day, I may give it a try, but I am Italian by heritage and can't dream that it tastes anything like real pasta.
    I do stone ground grits as a side dish or beans and rice also. I love all sorts of beans and they are in so many cuisines.
    I adore indian food and chickpea flour is used a a coating for like eggplant or squash slices in place of flour, you just mix the chickpea flour, indian seasonings, and water together and fry lightly in oil. Then I love to take a package of frozen peas, a quarter cup of plain yogurt, a handful of cilantro, garlic, ginger and cumin, whirl in a blender and use it as a dip for the eggplant slices. Yummy.....and my kids like this too.

    If you need to thicken things like for a gravy, potato starch works great.......better than corn starch in my opinion.
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