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Oct 2, 2009
Ok ive decided im gonna get 3 ducks, i was only going to get 1 at first then realised that would be cruel so then i was gonna get 2, then i found an incubator on ebay that was perfect and held 3 duck eggs so now im getting 3, i do realise they may not all hatch, i have everything sorted out already, the incubator is automatic so all i need to do is fill it with water when its needed, and when the ducks hatch i have this enormous storage box i can keep them in for the first few weeks, im gonna get a feeder and waterer and for the base of the box il be using woodshavings and a few pillowcases for the ducks to sleep on, the only thing im stuff with is the heat situation once they are hatched! I know what heat they need to be and ive done some research and discovered i need a 50w reflector bulb to use as a heat source, but i just wanna know is that true? and is just a normal 50w reflector bulb or does it have to be a special kind?

can somebody help me out with the heat situation plz
I just have a shop light with the clamp and a red heat lamp... I put the thermometer down on the bottom of the bin and watch the temp day and night and make sure it is regulated for 3 days before putting the babies in. I can raise and lower the lamp to adjust it as need be. I connect it to the bathroom bar when it doesn't need to be so warm in there as the days, weeks go on.

That's right... I had ducks in my bathroom.
Hah! I had ducks in my bathroom, then they were in the bathtub, then they were in my furnished basement!

I used the same thing as maplesky, only I didn't check the temp a whole bunch before putting them in there. I looked at how they were behaving to decide how low or high to put the lamp. If they were all huddled together under it, it was too high. If they were all the way in the other corner, too low. If they are near it but sort of spread out, then it's just right
Just FYI, 688peter ... it would be easier for us to read your post and respond to your question, if you would use periods at the end of sentences with capitals at the beginning, and spaces in between. Thanks!!
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688peterl -

I read you post just fine too. I teach 5th grade, so I am used to reading when students forget their capitals and punctuation. : )

I had my ducks in a brooder in my living room for a long time. I have a "love me - love my ducks" attitude. One of my teacher friends was laughing at me because I was thinking about getting a play pen, so I can bring the ducks into the living room in the evenings sometimes.

and yes, mine swim in my bathtub sometimes too.


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