Help! Prolapse,purse suture,implant......ideas please

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    Nov 2, 2011
    Hello. I do hope you can help me

    My chicken (4 yrs old) prolapsed in the autumn.
    I managed to push it back,then a week of little daylight and a wheat maintenance diet stopped her laying cycle.

    She was happy as a lark all winter,then 2 weeks ago she started laying again and prolapsed and it wouldn't stay in.
    I took her to the vet who did a purse suture and Superlorin implant.
    He couldn't see any eggs coming down her oviduct.

    She wasn't very well afterwards and had diarrhoea and little appetite but gradually improving for 4 days,and then downhill again.

    At first I thought it might be the implant kicking in,but it has been 2 weeks now.
    She stands around a lot and hardly eats though she drinks OK.
    She has had diarrhoea constantly since the op.and sometimes strains a bit when pooing-as though there is something else she wants to pass.
    Took her to the vet again who couldn't feel any obstruction and gave her a gut-moving drug to try.

    The last few days I have been syringing some liquidised oatmeal into her as all she wants to eat is tomatoes,grass and catfood.

    She is due to go to the lovely vet tomorrow but he is rather mystified,which is why I would be so grateful if anyone has any experience or ideas about what could be going on inside her,and what to try.

    She poos large amounts of liquid with small amounts of dark green solids,lots of white urates and sometimes a little albumen.

    Sorry this is so long but I am hoping these symptoms might give you guys some ideas that I could suggest to the vet as I love her and am feeling so stuck with what to do,

    Thanks in advance from Christina

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