Help! Pullets kept broody off her eggs for 5-6 hours (day 6)


13 Years
May 15, 2009
Clinton, MA
We got our extremely broody silkie some fertile eggs to hatch. She sat on them like a champ for 4 days. Then we introduced some new pullets into the run and long story short, when the silkie goes out for her feed and exercise the pullets all run into her box and hide there. When she comes back in, her box is occupied so she went to sit on her sisters' eggs in the next box. Yesterday we caught it as soon as it happened, kicked the pullets out, and she went right back onto her eggs. Today (day six of incubation), I didn't catch it for five or six hours so she was off her eggs for all that time. The eggs were cool to the touch by the time I got her back onto them. The idiot pullets are being rehoused for the time being (they will not leave the house to feed or drink). Are the eggs that my silkie was incubating toast? Is there a chance they'll still develop normally?

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