Help Quick - Swollen Abdomen And Purple Wattles- RIP

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    I wass too late. She died in my arms as I tried to save her not more than 25 minutes after posting this note. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    In the end, she had very labored breathing and was gurgling. When I opened her mouth to look inside, I honestly could not find her tongue.

    I gave her a little liquid antibiotic, but she refused it. While I was preparing to put a hole in her abdomen to relieve the pressure, she passed away.

    She was a great egg layer and quite a pretty RIR.

    Poor baby. I buried her deep in the ground by the creek where it is peaceful.

    Rhode Island Red
    Age 2 years
    Large Bird

    Stool has been good

    She started walking "wide-legged" yesterday.

    Olive oil exam in vent - I could feel nothing

    Eyes clear

    No appetite now

    crop, half full and feels normal

    While she initially ran from me just now, she's stopped moving and is laying down.

    Her legs and feet have sort of a pink tinge, just barely noticeable

    She is suddenly very weak.

    WHAT DO I DO???
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    I'm sorry to here she is not doing well. You may want to do a search on ascites. With this problem fluid collects in the abdomen because of a vascular problem. Why don't you start with this recent thread:

    It discusses two possible causes of swollen belly and what others have tried

    The purple wattles may suggest a cardiovascular problem as well.
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    It's very hard to diagnose a chicken illness, especially if you're not a specialized avian vet. The symptoms can point to a few different afflictions but always start with doing some research. Here is a link for some common illnesses and their symptoms.

    The first thing I would suggest is to definitely isolate her away from the rest of the flock. Next, give her some water with electrolytes and vitamins in it. If you are still having cold weather, then I would also help her get warm. A chicken will heal better if they don't have to spend extra energy on trying to keep warm.

    Now, while she is getting warm, go do some research. The above site is not the only one available, but a good place to start.

    Good Luck and I hope she gets better.
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    Jan 15, 2007
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    Well, last December, I found this in one of the nests: a tiny egg in a firm mass that looked like an egg. Never found out who laid it, but I never again got 10 eggs a day from 10 hens.


    Then this gal suddenly turned purple and died yesterday afternoon. I was too late to save her and she died in my arms.


    Today I got 9 eggs. So now I know who it was that laid that oddball egg in an egg last December. I did not do a necropsy because it was far too late last night for me, but now I am fairly certain she had an infection from laying eggs internally.

    How strange that it took four months for this problem to manifest itself. She was, up until two days ago, a fiesty, giant RIR who was rather bullyish.

    Interesting phenomenon, but sad. [​IMG]

    Thank you for those who offered help. It is much appreciated.
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    [​IMG] I am SO sorry for your loss - Losing one is so hard. [​IMG]

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