help raising ringneck pheasants from chick to adult??

Discussion in 'Pheasants and Partridge (Chukar)' started by chickensval, Aug 4, 2013.

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    Jun 12, 2013
    Mobile, Alabama
    I ended up having 24 ringneck pheasant eggs. I am all informed on hatching them, but I've only hatched chicken, quail, duck and geese. The eggs were free because the lady's bator was full and she didn't wanna waste 'em. How do I go about raising them once they hatch? I don't keep the quail, I sell them . so they will most likely be with the chickens in the coop and run. Will they do OK with thm? Do they have different feeding requirements? Can they eat layer pellets and scratch? Can they get along? I plan on keeping them in a brooder until they start to feather. Then into the rabit hutch until slightly mature. Then to the coop once old enough. This is how I go about housing for all of the birds I hatch. Will they need a new pen? Sorry about all the questions, I'm new to this and want to be prepared.

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