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    My poor rooster Teenie is acting strange and we can't figure out what's going on so I wanted to ask here for ideas. He's four years old and we've had no issues until recently. We did not make any changes to food, water, location, etc. One day I noticed his legs were shaking when he walked and he was standing very upright compared to normal. We put some vitamins in his water but as time has progressed instead of walking/picking around with my other boys he'll come out for a bit and then go into his pen and lay down. At one point we thought it was his crop so we did those treatments but it didn't seem to help. He does seem a bit skinnier than the other boys but not by much. His feathers are a bit ragged looking as well and his butt sags on occasion. He is still eating, drinking, and going to the bathroom regularly. [​IMG]
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    He could have been injured. A dog attacked one of my hens a few months ago, and she began to walk upright and crooked, until she finally recovered back to normal. I would make sure that he is not being kept from food and water either from bullying or from his condition. Perhaps pen him for a couple of days with water, food, and some extras such as chopped egg or tuna, to see if he perks up. Let us know how he gets along.
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