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Help! Rooster Got Kicked!

Discussion in 'Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures' started by ClareScifi, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. ClareScifi

    ClareScifi Songster

    Mar 30, 2011
    Well, my worst fear has come true. I was away on vacation 11 days and hired the same chicken sitter I had in the summer. In the summer there didn't seem to be any problems.

    However, on the 2d day I was gone, following a huge snow storm, my sitter, a large man, managed to break the sliding glass window I had between the coop and the run. All he had to do to protect himself from my rooster when he needed to clean their coop was slide the window in place, so the rooster was confined in the greenhouse while he worked. But he broke the window.
    So he couldn't do that.

    Instead of finding a simple board to replace the window, which is what I easily managed to do when I got home today, he left the broken window inside the run. He did pick up as many loose glass pieces as he could find. However, I don't know whether the chickens stepped on glass or not.

    The worst thing is that the rooster tried to attack him and the neighbor's son happened to be in the area and told him that the best way to deal with a rooster who is aggressive is to kick him out of the way. I have been very careful never to kick any chickens. It can injure them.

    I asked him how things had gone tonight, and he didn't reveal about the kicking. It was my neighbor's wife who told me about it. The sitter did confess he had kicked the rooster. I asked where and he said in the right wing 3 times and maybe in the left once. He claimed it wasn't too hard, but it got the rooster's attention. Remember this is a large man.

    He said he felt sorry for the rooster afterwards (so he must have kicked him pretty hard, IMHO, if he felt sorry for him) and went to check on him and his beak was down in the snow. He thought he had killed him at that moment and felt bad knowing I would be heartbroken. So he walked toward the rooster and the rooster fled from him.

    He thinks the rooster is okay. This incident probably happened about 8 days ago, if it coincides with the broken window. I will find out tomorrow how long ago it was that he kicked him.

    What do you think I should look for as far as postential injuries?

    I did think when I got home today that the rooster was hunkered down a bit funny on the potting tables, not in his usual stance, so now I am worried. He did seem to eat his new feed that I put out well, standing up.

    I am so worried his kidneys or liver could have been damaged.

    Why do these things happen to me and my Baby? I guess I can never go on vacation again.

  2. Angelpoo

    Angelpoo Chirping

    Oct 26, 2012
    I know how you feel... If your rooster seems ok I would bother. If he was seriously hurt you would probably notice.... If I were kicked... I would probably be bruised and site for a bit to. If you were paying him I suggest you ask for the door to be replaced... I would... Depending on how he broke it (by accident, or being bone headed). I'm so sorry about how you feel... It's really hard leaving your babies behind with someone who can't do it as good as you can... You should probably find another chicken sitter.... Sounds to me like this guy diesnt know much, or care too much for chickens as you and I do. Just keep a close eye on your baby.

    Best of luck [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  3. ClareScifi

    ClareScifi Songster

    Mar 30, 2011
    Thanks, Angelpoo, for your support. My Baby crowed quite a bit this evening, so that may be a good sign. I could tell he was very pleased to see me again.

    I need to see in the morning whether he can flap his wings. If not, that will be a very bad sign. I didn't hear him flapping them this afternoon but it usually takes the presence of a man. When a man was with me this afternoon, he didn't flap them, so they may be broken.

    I had written out explicit instructions for the chicken sitter, but hadn't thought up this worst-case scenario.

    He and the neighbor's son, who advised him to kick my rooster, are both Independent Baptists who think spanking children is just fine, so I guess I should have been smart enough to foresee this behavior on their part. I guess if they think it's okay to hit kids, they believe it's also okay to hit animals, even if they are not your own. I am just furious over it and I am being blamed for having spoiled my rooster. It's my fault he tried to attack the man who broke the window that would have protected them both.

    Brother. I have another trip coming up next week and will have to be gone 8 days. I wonder where I could find a reputable chicken sitter.

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