HELP! Serama chicks walking backwards, gasping, smelly nasel discharge

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  1. Ivybird

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    I have 2, 1 month old Serama chicks, when I got them they were perfectly healthy which was yesterday.
    I put them under a heat lamp with fresh water and food.
    But today they are walking backwards, gasping, resting on there hocks when they aren't walking, not eating or drinking much, and have runny noses with clear bad smelling discharge.
    I've been looking all over the internet trying to find out what they have with no use.
    My friend who sold me them said she has no idea what they have but to try medicated chick feed and vitamin supplements, would this help? I have them on regular chick feed at the moment.

    I have a 3 month old Serama and she is fine, she isn't acting sickly. I recently had a 3 month old silkie die and had a few of the symptoms above, I thought it was because she might have been a runt, as she was smaller then the other silkies that were hatched and stayed small no matter how much she ate.
    I'm deseprete for help and what I can do to cure my poor chickens, or at least things to give them that might have a good effect on them.
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    Sounds like Coryza [​IMG] look up that and compare the symptoms. The nasty smell is what tells coryza apart from the others.
  3. Ivybird

    Ivybird Out Of The Brooder

    The chicks are both better, turns out they just got a cold, from getting chilled when I was transporting them to my house from my friends house.
    There both eating, walking normal, with no mucus [​IMG]

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