Help Sex day old barred rocks?

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  1. I have read enough to get seriously confused... any guesses on the sex of my 3 new barred rock babies?

    I think girl


    I think Boy


    I think Girl


    So that would be two girls at the top and a boy looking at us

    Girl Boy Gril

    Boy in front Girls in the back

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    two males and a female. The one with the smallest amount of white on the head is the female. It is best to wait until the birds are older then look for secondary sex characteristics. Comb size is a good early indicator.

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  4. I read that article first LOL! Which was why I thought I had 2 girls and a boy :/ LOL!
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    Well, I hate to contradict Tim, but I do think you may have two pullets. The black on the leg fronts is another indicator in addition to the head spot. BUT, remember that these sexing rules sometimes will lead you wrong, in 5-10% of the cases. My very first BR pullet had 100% cockerel coloring and she lived to be the mother of many chicks. Sexing BRs is more an art than a science and if you've raised a ton of them, you get a sense of who is who, regardless of the color sexing rules.

    Leg wash if it goes all the way down usually means pullet. If it is sketchy/skips a lot, it can be a cockerel.

    The only foolproof method is the "Wait and See" method, lol. I've raised a lot of BR chicks and only been fooled a couple of times (pictures alone are misleading at times).
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