Help sex my Speckled Sussex!


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Jun 9, 2011
I have a 6-month-old Speckled Sussex, and I'm pretty sure I have a cockerel on my hands, but I want to double check with you fine folks at BYC before I commit to giving him away. I live in an urban area in which it isn't permitted to keep roosters. The bird has been making these noises as though it sounds like it's revving up for a good crow (no full-on cock-a-doodling yet), it's got little leg spurs (that you can just make out in the image), and it just kinda looks like a boy to me, but I'm not 100% certain. Thanks for any input!



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Sep 19, 2011
Kalama, Washington
looks like a pullet to me too. if you walk up to it does it squat? Looks like she is ready to start laying if she is not doing so already. They lay light brown medium sized eggs. My SS hens have those same spur bumps. By that age if it was a roo you would see saddle, hackle and sickle feathers.
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That's a pullet. Some birds are just noisy, some make more noise as they come to point of lay, folks call it the egg song. Spurs aren't a good indicator of gender cause some hens can have them and some roos don't get them til a year or so. But if you search for images of speckled sussex roosters you'll see the difference in coloring and build.
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