Help sexing our mixed chicks from this year...


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Hey there

Well, we've definitely stopped any more hatching for this year...but wanted your opinions on the sex our 6 chicks if possible: 1 Chamois Polish and 1 Silkie mix both 15 weeks ( we suspect polish is a pullet and silkie mix is a roo just from looking at them) 1 Silkie and 1 white leghorn/unknown both 9 weeks (thinking leghorn is a roo and silkie not really a clue...) Then our newest chicks are 1 silver pekin bantam and 1 sumatra bantam both 3 weeks so a bit early but we are suspecting the pekin to be a roo from the comb.
here is Grub the silkie mix...

here is Crumb the polish...

here is Poco the silkie...

here is Loco the leghorn...

here is Skuff the sumatra...

here is Fluff the pekin...

We appreciate all your help!!
the silkie mix and the leghorn (combs way to red) are roos crumb is a pullet the rest are to young
cant say for sure on the leghorn as i have seen pullets with combs like that at a very young age (younger than these) i am looking for saddle feathers and the hackle feather development and with the angle of that pic i just cant see them that well
Loco the Leghorn and Fluff the Pekin both look like Roos, the rest look like pullets in my opinion. :)
Thanks everyone!
We thought Loco was a def roo but after comparing him with our leghorn hen, she has a HUGE bright red comb so it made us think again...So, is it 100% that Grub the silkie mix is a roo and the others are all possible pullets? we love Grub as he's so pretty and sweet natured anyway

no crowing or eggs from anyone yet....
Thanks for confirming that! we thought the feathers were a definite sign.......will wait and see how the others develop

Forgot to ask, does anyone know what colour poco the silkie is? thinking partridge or buff??
Also, we were just about to try and mix the 2 lots of older birds (15week and 9 week) it too early?
thanks so much for your help!
thanks! thought it may have been partridge but there seems like so many variations in that colour wasn't sure...
they have been in a separate run in the coop with the older 2 for last couple of weeks-the leghorn is the same size but the silkie is a 'mini' and still small-what do you think?

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