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  1. I have 6 speckled sussex that I hatched from eggs. They are excellent birds, thing is I can't tell who is what sex. Is there an age that you can tell for sure? Right now they are 16 weeks old. On Friday they will be 17 weeks old. Is there a way to tell?? Any other chicken I can tell the difference between the roos and the hens by this age, but these are real hard. Any help would be great. They are not crowing, there really is no difference in combs. I can't tell if they have saddle feathers or if that is how they just look.
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    Pictures would help
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  4. I was just hoping that there would be some tell-tale signs that I could tell for sure. I will try to post pics but I have been having troubles. But here we go... Ok so I am not sure what else to do because it is not letting me post pics. Not sure what to do. How am I supposed to post pics?
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  7. Thanks for the link to the articles. I did read the one on how to post pics but the icon never shows up for me. I even wrote the directions down cause I thought I must have missed something but still no icon to allow me to post pics. I do not know. Maybe add them to my profile?? Not sure why this is happening. I checked out the other article on sexing the SS and it was pretty helpful. I hope these points are accurate. Oh, and I am going to be sooooo upset if I have 5 roos. UUggghhhh... Oh well. Thanks again for the help and info. I will keep trying to post pics.
  8. So I am still trying to figure out how to post pics. I watched the utube video but when I post a reply there is no photo icon at the top of the reply box that allows me to post pics. What do I do then? There is nothing at the top that even allows me to insert emoticons. So what do I do then? Still trying to get the pics to you guys and gals.
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    Can you go into your profile and check all the options?

    If, in your profile, you scroll down the page past "Your Recent Activity" to "Your Photos" in your profile, it should show you an option to "Upload Photos".

    Hope it works.
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    I would like to know some opinions on the chick. Hen or rooster?

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