Help Sexing, think breeder gave me boys on purpose

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  1. JenEgrrrL

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    Oct 28, 2018
    Pagosa Springs, CO
    I’m a devastated new chicken mama! Less than 2 weeks ago, I paid $130 for 7 young chickens, with the assumption/understanding that the more grown out they were, the more likely you could tell they were pullets. The 1st & only flock I’ve ever cared for was an established group of laying hens that were all about 2 yrs old so I don’t have any experience yet with sexing young ones. I put my trust in the breeder who told me they were straight run, but she tried her best to pick hens. Spending only a few days’ time with them, I really felt like I was given about 70% cockerels- 5 out of 7 of them I’m now thinking- because in the morning when I turn them out, they fluff out their neck feathers, run at each other, bump chests & jump up with their feet extended! I’ve never seen our other flock of hens behave such ways. I bought them on 7/5 and most were 3 months old or close to it, so upon further research when I got home it seems she really should’ve known at that age. Can you all please help me? Turns out, the breeder is gaining a reputation in our area for a high rooster to hen ratio and it sounds like a growing amount of chicken folk will not be purchasing from her farm in Hesperus anymore. She does have a rooster return policy that she shared with me when I told her how many cockerels I thought I was ending up with for such a high price: taking them back for 2 half-priced chicks. But I think I’m done wasting money on her operation, as I feel she gave me what she had left at those higher prices rather than being honest & having me buy from a younger, less picked-through hatch group. Here are the types & hatch dates:

    2 Olive Eggers (4/6), Easter Egger (4/6), Lav Ameraucana (4/6), 2 Marans (4/13), and a Fibro (4/20). I think maybe I only have one OE and 1 Marans pullets. Shouldn’t she have been able to tell at those ages? I mean, within 2 days of having them it seemed apparent I had at least 3 cockerels, and as of Monday, it seems more like 5... and I know nothing of sexing chickens! I feel stupid for not speaking up about the super obvious Marans cockerel that had copper hackle feathers & all- he’s the dominant, and has been crowing for 6 days now for goodness sakes. Here are pics:
    OE #1 (14.5 wks):

    A116DE24-4689-4D62-85D5-0015E9065847.jpeg FEA17E1A-B283-4B71-988A-7197B233989E.jpeg BEC79EAE-58B0-4826-A26B-73C11557DD9E.jpeg

    OE #2 (14.5 wks):

    D61662A2-B03C-4ECB-9A20-F2A1EF31D49A.jpeg 69E4AACE-AC8A-482E-936E-640F6C8567B1.jpeg 7C84370A-FA27-4E9D-BAE9-AACBB5E40C17.jpeg 784BDA9F-0897-4D96-9A05-309BCA5155D4.jpeg

    EE (14.5 wks):

    80478439-0746-4CB1-A68B-70784EE7E8D5.jpeg 47B106C0-8B95-4E9F-B56B-678D956B8704.jpeg D15CC759-6311-4E78-9DA0-774092A5F47C.jpeg

    Lavender Ameraucana (14.5 wks):

    94EF5B3A-6417-4D5C-8205-8409B90F293C.jpeg 73326483-2933-41ED-9D92-710484AD2C18.jpeg 97DB4974-0A42-4FB2-AF18-C5A3DC041F9E.jpeg D9C2FA1E-3D58-41A8-B005-203CC344B8F7.jpeg

    Marans #1 (13.5 wks):

    918181DA-D9DF-43AE-8114-863B22F04116.jpeg 111EC265-1C34-4084-841D-B60E8AE75110.png

    Marans #2 (13.5 wks):

    CA7C4A64-61D1-4B1F-9DD6-C730485A25FE.jpeg 00BDB117-47C4-49F3-ADBC-CADA9007D647.jpeg 6D108C1F-8AD9-49A6-83E9-E119D7C5AB67.jpeg A012B29E-C2E2-4D3C-A54E-E860A41F74C5.png

    Fibro (12.5 wks):

    C712EA83-AAED-4500-BA1C-2E0EC8583878.jpeg 334DEA19-109F-4E4B-A0EB-9A71CC032D2C.jpeg 14211FBE-B6B5-412A-9F2B-8ADEA8C58D43.png D3F74702-1EA0-4BDC-A822-5FA8EC4C7AD5.jpeg

    Thanks in advance. I’m feeling pretty taken advantage of for my lack of knowledge. I appreciate all feedback!

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  2. sourland

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    May 3, 2009
    New Jersey
    The Marans are both cockerels, and the one EE is a cockerel. I believe the others are pullets.
  3. BarnhartChickens98

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    Oct 28, 2018
    Manhiem, Pennnsylvania
    I agree with sour, Maybe the fibro is a cockerel, not sure yet.
  4. Mr Beaks

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    Jan 13, 2015
    Valley Springs, Ca.
    Also in agreement with @sourland.
    Lovely flock regardless. :love
  5. JenEgrrrL

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    Oct 28, 2018
    Pagosa Springs, CO
    Thank you all for the input, I’m encouraged that at least the OE’s & Ameraucana may lay for me. That’s one more than I thought I ended up with :confused:
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  6. Frazzemrat1

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    May 8, 2017
    Eastern Connecticut
    agreed, three cockerels. Which is better then you thought, and the risk you take with buying straight run.
    Keep in mind... chest bumping is perfectly normal for chickens of both genders. Its how they establish dominance and the pecking order.
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  7. JenEgrrrL

    JenEgrrrL Chirping

    Oct 28, 2018
    Pagosa Springs, CO
    Tell me though, as seemingly easy as it was for you folks to sex them from a few photos each, surely the woman actually specializing in those breeds should have known she was giving me all those cockerels at 3 months old yes? From what I’ve read on here in my searches, for the trained eye the accuracy is close to like 99% at the age I purchased them isn’t it?
  8. Frazzemrat1

    Frazzemrat1 Free Ranging

    May 8, 2017
    Eastern Connecticut
    At that age, those marans were probably obvious. Some cockerels show early... some don't.
    For instance... This is a cockerel I bought from a breeder via the internet. I picked him out, on purpose. He's about 4 weeks in this pic, and obviously a boy looking at his comb. That's w/out taking into account that his breed color is auto sexing and the males look completely different from the females.
    GDW Face Crop.jpg

    Here he is at 6 weeks. Bet you can figure out which one he is... The other two are pullets.

    Keep in mind, he's easy... Some hide their maleness better. Some don't pop a comb until their older.
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  9. cstephens1987

    cstephens1987 Songster

    Apr 25, 2019
    Carroll county, Maryland
    I only see two cockerels (the marans). That single combed EE does not look developed enough to me at almost 15 weeks to be a male.
  10. Acre4Me

    Acre4Me Crowing

    Nov 12, 2017
    Western Ohio
    Yes, I agree with you @JenEgrrrL, the breeder should've known. But, maybe she felt ok with giving you any cockerels bc she is selling them as straight run, so 3/7 being male is about straight run expectations. Also, just like certain promotions at retail stores who rely on some people not sending in the forms for rebate or whatever just so they can make bigger promises, the breeder offers to take back the males ....but you have to buy 2 more females at a discount. So, breeder wins, really whether you don't return or you return the birds.

    For the amount of money you paid, and at the age of the chickens she sold you, the breeder should feel embarrassed "having done their best to pick out the females".

    Good luck in the future- now you know a thing or two about sexing that you didn't know before, as well as who NOT to buy from in the future.

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