Help Sick Hen Labored breathing & distended hard Abdominal area

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    This is my first post. Not sure what to do. Yesterday when I fed my hens one Rhode Island Red hen did not eat. She is about 1 year old. I noticed on repeated visits to their area that she would walk toward a feeder almost get there and turn away, walk toward a waterer turn and walk away. She would go to a group of hens and stand with them with her eyes closed. I removed her from the others and when I examined her closely noticed she was breathing with difficulty, her crop seemed empty, and what I would call her abdominal area was distended and firm. Last night I syringed liquid into her beak. I made a combination of a raw egg yolk(for protein), water(for hydration) and a drop of molasses(for energy). I gave about two teaspoonful doses every 45 minutes till I used it all up. she has been fairly cooperative about the syringing. I also started massaging her abdomen when I fed her. After one of the times I massaged her last night she had a fairly large liquid poop. No blood, not much color to it white tinged. This morning I have continued with the Egg yolk smoothy as I call it and the massaging. She seems brighter but is still quiet and is just standing with her eyes closed or half closed. Her abdomen maybe doesn't feel as hard as it was. I have not left water or food yet to see if she will eat on her own. Last week I moved my hens from their winter quarters in a barn back into their mobile chicken coop. They had outside access from the barn but the pasture has much more & longer grass. We also had a little cold snap at night monday & tuesday. These are the only recent changes my hens have had. Normal feed is a certified organic vegitarian mix. My resources are very limited the one the that I rely on most names the condition/disease and gives treatment options but no description to help identify what a problem is.
    If someone could help me to identify what may be going on and give me some treatment options I would be very thankful. I have not had chickens long but have experience breeding dogs and I am a health professional so will do what I can to treat her.

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    Sounds like you're doing a lot right!! I wish I were more help to you...

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