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    Mar 20, 2007
    HELP!!! I have a mix of 14 hens. Recently, I introduced a BR hen to the group...with the normal issues when introducing new members. Went fairly well. But, a few weeks later, a neighbor sprayed sevin at the edge of their property due to a massive invasion of red ants. Not knowing this, I let my hens out (but not the new one) to free range a bit, so they probably got a hold of some of this, but I quickly moved them after the neighbor told me. 2 days later one of my older girls became lethargic, ate some, drank little, came in/out of the hen house, but prefers to stay in one place. I thought egg binding, because I'm sure she was attempting to lay (clucking). I'm afraid to look for at this. Then I thought it may be that the new hen brought something with her, or more than likely the spray. I'm not sure. I separated her, gave her sugar water and extra oyster shell. I wanted to wash her because she was sitting under a rail where the others sit and she had alot of droppings on her. When I picked her up, a cloudy liquid was dripping from her beak and there was an unusual odor. She then was wobbly on her feet. So rather than further stress her with a bath, I put her in a separate pen, alone. I know she is about 5 y/o, but i hate to see her suffer. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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    Cloudy liquid dripping from her beak could be just spit-up. My chickens frequently produce that if you pick them up shortly after they've gotten a drink and they feel stressed.
    I use Sevin dust on my chickens themselves to kill mites and it's not a problem, but maybe there are more than 1 kinds of Sevin and some of the others are bad for chickens???
    It sounds like you are being conscientiously caring for her. Hopefully others can contribute some helpful ideas, too, and she'll recover fully soon.
    Best wishes [​IMG]
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    Cloudy liquid with unusual odor--I'm wondering about sour crop. I'm not sure of all the symptoms or treatment but, I'm sure if you do a search for it on here you will come up with some answers.

    Good luck!

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