Help - sick Roo - pale comb and very depressed


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One of my bantam Roos has a pale comb and face, is very slow, depressed and in general droopy. He just stands slumbed over off in a corner of the barn. He started last weekend, Friday evening. I read on this list that it could be worms, so I caught him up, and wormed him (along with the rest of the banties) with Wasine. (1 oz per gal is what I mizxed)

I have kept him in a cage by himself. It has been a couple 4 days and he seemed a little better. Comb is still very pale though. Because he seemed a little better I turned him loose and man o man, the entire flock of other roos tore into him like gangs in NY. He ran away but everyone was after him. I kept trying to catch him again and he would run away and the other roos would start in again. Finially one of the roosters ran him into a roll of fensing and he got his head stuck and I could catch him. He is now safe back in his cage.

I checked him out, no bugs, mites or unusual poop. He is very thin and once back in the cage showed interest in the food and was eating and drinking when I left.

He was originally one of the top roos in the barn and now low man is this because he is sick?

How long does it take for wormers to work? If worms were the problem.

Any ideas on what else it could be?

Oh his bio, 2 yr old bantie, free ranges, fed laying mash, cracked corn, all the bugs he can find free ranging, lives with 28 other banties in the barn, 1 potbelly pig and 4 horses.

We have had 2 hens that way, very depressed acting and pale- no want for food. The first go around we had a white leg horn. she about drowned herself in a bucket of water. I held her with her head now and but up and she had water run out of her and it smelled spoiled. I let her drink more and she threw up again- smelled. I gave her vineagar water and after a couple of days she was doing much better. This past week we had 2 hens the same way one out of each coop. We tried the same things and it just didn't work. We lost both of them the same day( RIR& Brown Leghorn). But the liquid that comes out of them smells like spoiled milk. Is this something that we should look for? We thought it was becasue we gave them black sunflower seeds. But from what I read they are good for them. Don't know what else to think. Hope some one else has and idea.
I never tried getting any fluid out of mine. I will give him a bit of vinegar in water and see what happens. We have one common thread...I also started giving bladk oiler sunflower seeds a a treat.
I wonder if that has anything to do with it? But why would it only effectg 1 chicken instead of all.

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