help sick roo tries to crow but no sound sounds like wheezing

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    i have a year old light brahma roo. within the past week is crow has been getting alot soft, now there is no sound. i am thinking gapeworm or somethng stuck in his crop? he is eating and drinking fine. he is by himself now and i added b-12 to his water. is DE the best to dust and deworm all my birds? or do i need something different for gapeworm. thanks for all replies..........
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    I have no gapeworm experience - but you can search it. Use the search link in the upper blue bar, above your logged in name. This search allows you to search by forum, author, title or message body - so it is a great tool.

    Hope he starts to get some volume to his crow soon. [​IMG]
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    If it is gapeworm, you will need a good broad spectrum wormer like Ivermectin, Eprinex and I think Valbazan will work also. If it is gapeworm, you may be able to see them by looking in his throat. You can also feed him olive oil by dropper and do throat massage if it is something stuck in his throat. Look down his throat with a good light for signs of anything in there.
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    will do thanks

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