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    Jun 19, 2015
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    HELP. Not sure what to do. Tried natural remidies for what i thought to be ailing my only rooster Lil Red but no improvement. Backstory...Dogs attacked my flock and killed 3 including second rooster. I found lil red hiding. He had been mouthed but not bitten. Next day gave all chicken eggs with garlic and herbs. He seeemed in shock especially after a hen died. He was beside her in morning not allowing other girls to come out of roost until i came in. he started to crow in 2-3 days after attack he seemed okay. We had a lot of rain,, cold, nasty raining weather. Waterers got dirty. Too dirty. My excuses. Bought more staw to dry out coop covered top. Waterers cleaned disinfectant with vinegar.
    SEX -male
    AGE-7months (hatched 6-22-15)
    Lives in coop 9'×11'+ 6'×9' (5-7feet height)
    9 hours Suppervised free range weekly.
    Lives with 3 RIR pullets (laying daily)and 2 EE hens.
    *SYMPTOMS - fisrt noticed in Jan.
    •Stopped crowing Jan 7. Decreased frequency then stopped altogether.
    •No mating dance. Still jumps girls though.
    •eyes closed, tiered sleeping more frequently. ROOSTS AT NIGHT.
    •Eating more but has to take break where he just pretends to eat. So may just more frequently eating?
    • head often hung down under wing or body.
    •laying down most the day
    •picks at wings. Dry skin? Not red dont see any crawlers.

    Steps take : epsom salt water for him follwed by scambled eggs heavily loaded with fresh garlic. Apple cider added to coop water.
    Week 2 no change cleared all but one water source cleaned and changed daily. Blackstrap molasses flush from fresh eggs daily blog. Followed with ACV this was given to whole flock.
    Weeks 3 added vitamins poultry booster to feed.
    ACV , probiotics and electrolytes added to water daily.
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    Jan 24, 2016
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    I don't really know what is wrong he might have mareks or something
    Usually once I respond to a post more people post so maybe someone else will know what is wrong with him.
    Great herbs!
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    Sorry to hear about your loss and your sick rooster. I would not do anymore molasses or epsom salts flushes, since they are laxatives, and will only dehydrate him and make him weaker. The electrolytes and vitamins plus probiotics are very good. Every day offer him some feed with water added to make it runny, and give him some chopped egg or tuna to tempt him to eat. I would worry that he may have suffered some internal injury, or that he could be suffering from cocci or worms. Could you have a sample of a couple of his fresh droppings tested by a local vet for worms and coccidia? I would probably cage him with a towel or puppy pads to collect some droppings, and to keep track of how much food and water he is taking. Keep him warm around 80 degrees F since he seems sick. Check his crop to make sure that he is eating some, and that it is emptying by morning, and not impacted.
  4. redstarchick

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    Jun 19, 2015
    Bradley ca
    Update for anyone who wants to know
    After my post i checked him and discovered bugs!!! Eek. He must have been to tiered to take his dust bathes because rhe girls look good. I poured fresh ash in coop bath and dusted him.
    *2/14/16 happy valentines to me , i learned how to bathe a chicken lol. Wheelbarrow with cold wood ash and 2TBS of poulty dust. He has nits? Eggs. Clumps of white eggs stuck to feathers i removed most of them. With 2 baths that day.
    *2/17/16 This morning i heard then saw "Lil Red" crowing. Several times. He looed great. Not 100 % yet as after he looked ready for nap. Bit i thought i heard him call to the girls when i fed them so i have hope.

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