Help sick young rooster! Antibiotics arnt helping!


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May 1, 2020
Spring Hill, Florida
Hello! I have a 4-5ish month old small rooster that started sneezing and sounding gurgly, so I have been giving one 250mg Fish Mox in water (large cup amount) everyday for 4 days now and I haven’t noticed any improvements. I’ve also applied vet rx. He has very soft stool with a lot of liquid also, I read that could be a side effect of the antibiotics but not sure? The only symptoms he is exhibiting Is the sneezing that sounds wet and slight gurgle to accompany it- eyes look good, but obviously not acting like a peppy happy chicken either.
I also did notice last night when he was drinking water, he did a lot at once and then puke it up a little then went back to drinking? Not sure if that’s related.

Please help! Thank you


Jul 25, 2019
I actually read this article about MG and was hoping it wouldn’t be the case, still not sure since he doesn’t cough or have swelling but I don’t know :/
If you give him Oxytetracycline, even if he doesn't have MG, it helps with many other things so it might not hurt to give him it.

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