HELP! Silkie - bloody mucus (chunklike) in feces, strange smell


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Jul 5, 2009
OK, I have 2 house chickens - a little mutt bantam roo (5 years) & a silkie hen (turned 1 year in July), & they are my babies so I really need help!

The girl started having lots of loose poop the day before yesterday with clumps of what looks like bloody mucus in it. She's usually a hearty eater (I call her my lil' piggy), but she's eating less than usual (though still eating a good amount, lol) but just not as enthusiastically. She's perky mostly, and playful, but sometimes her tail is down I've noticed, & she has had some issues with head shaking, almost like there's something caught in her nares? I've looked but can't spot anything, though. Wierd thing, she just doesn't smell right. Don't know how to explain it, it's a sick smell - I can always tell if my family members are sick by their smells too if that makes any sense : P

Anyway, After lots of researching and forum combing, I thought maybe it's a mild case of cocci?
I went to the local feed store to get corid but they were out. The guy sent me home with a packet of Aureomycin (Chlortetracycline) soluble powder, assuring me he'd used it before to clear up cocci in one of his flocks on the advice of his friend who was a vet tech. Well, looking it up, apparently this won't help the cocci???

I'm so confused! I got her some yogurt & am gonna feed it to her to at least hopefully soothe her tummy a bit? But should I start this med or keep trying to track down something else? I'm not sure of other feed stores in the area, I went to a place there used to be another but apparently it's closed now : (

Help, urgent advice needed - I don't want my babies to decline or anything..
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Is it the poop that smells bad or the chicken itself? If its the chicken, do a search on coryza, its a respiratory disease that causes a bad smell coming from the nostrils.
Seems to be the poop I think, I smelled her breath/nares and no small there... She is a bit sneezy tho?

If I order the corid online do i need the solution or powder?
Is she egg bound? Have you tried putting her in warm water? I'm sorry that you are having trouble and hope that she is better soon.
I'm not exactly sure how to tell if she's eggbound...

She was broody for over a week, and then finally snapped out of it and laid 2 eggs over the course of 3 days or so, then started the bloody poop thing. I've given her warm baths in case it would help if it were eggbound. This is the 3rd day, and she's still pretty playful and snuggly, but each day she eats less - this evening I can't get her to do anything but play with her food (she likes to throw it everywhere : P)

Another poop with the creepy pink 'gel' appearance about an hour ago..I'm freaking out - have stayed up 2 nights snuggling her cos I didn't want to leave her alone...

Just mixed up the Aureomycin in her (& my roo's) water supply, she's drinking lots. Even if it doesn't help the poop maybe it will help hte head shaking/sneezy thing she's been doing since this started... Even though she's not really acting she's sick, aside from the loss of apetite, the diarrhea is horrible - the smell is simply putrid. It's a sick smell. Going to go ahead and order the corid online since I don't know where to get it here, but do i get the powder or the solution - does anyone know?

Hope your hen improves. Get the Corid liquid and dose at the rate of 2 tsp. per gallon. I know our livestock store keeps it in the section for cows, etc., not with the poultry stuff. With a hen this age, I would prefer using Sulmet, which also treats bacterial infections. If you can get the Sulmet, give it at the rate suggested on the bottle - think it is 2 tablespoons per gallon for 2 days and then half that for another 4 days. Even though she is an adult, she could still have cocci. I'd suggest you stop feeding her any high protein treats right now since the cocci thrive on them. Good luck.
Hope you get your wee girlo sorted out, sorry that i can't offer any advice but thought you might like a

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