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May 29, 2017
Hey everyone! This is my first post here on BYC (cross-posted from Raising Chicks forum, found this forum after I posted!), but I've been through many threads in doing research for my chicks, so I thought I'd finally just join :)
My husband and I have 7 silkie chicks that we got 3 days ago (poor choice for our first chickens? TBD!) that we absolutely adore. We picked them up on Friday, and on Saturday morning, one of the chicks had a limp to her left leg. I didn't see anything discernible in the way of trauma or injury, and she was fine when I 'put them to bed' the night before. We separated her in the brooder by putting up a little cardboard barrier that runs the length of the container they were in, so that she could thermoregulate. We also put in her own feeder and waterer, as well as a soft washcloth for her to cuddle. Initially, she protested (loudly) so we tried to put one of the other chicks that she always palled around with, but ended up removing the other chick at the suggestion of another thread I found. This morning (Monday) I went to check her leg, after reading up on slipped Achilles tendons and other ailments, and found a little tiny area that seemed to be a wound draining, around her hock joint. I don't see any evidence of problems in her toes, and her tendon doesn't seem to be slipped. I pulled her out today and put her down on the normal floor, and she ran around like a champ! When I put her back into the brooder (pine shavings for bedding), she began limping again. We're getting frustrated at seeing her so uncomfortable, and feeling so helpless.
Other necessary information (?): they're being fed an unmedicated chick starter (Nutrena), and I added Nutri-dense supplement to their waterer today. Poop is normal and formed, and she doesn't seem to be otherwise ailing. Any other wisdom? Thanks so much!


8 Years
Jan 4, 2012
Silkies are wonderful....cute, soft, little bundles of joy...
If you see a sore, I'd dab some neosporin on it.... and wrap it with a small piece of vet wrap.... which is easy to use , attaches to itself and won't pull on feathers when removing.
It sounds like an injury, not a sickness.... I'd let her have her buddy on a flat surface without the chips, which may be hurting her leg, to sift through while walking....
Maybe soak that little leg for a few minutes in warm water....then blow dry...
Dish towels that aren't bulky work well in these situations, no threads to get tangled up in.... just change it when you see it needs a new one...
Other's may disagree.... but I do think its an injury...
check the pen for anything that could cut into skin... like a piece of mesh cloth, or chicken wire, or anything....
I would definately tend to that injury keep any infection out...

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