Help!!! Silkie Hen's Eye Swollen Shut

Sassy Hen

Jul 3, 2021
My friend has an orange-brown silkie hen that has had her eye swollen shut for about a week. Only 1 eye is shut, the other is perfectly normal. She eats and drinks okay, and has laid three eggs during the week, but is lethargic and sleepier than usual. Do mosquitos bite chickens or something? Will she make it? Any help is appreciated.


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Is she having eye drainage or bubbles, foam, or pus in the eye? Swelling can be a sign of a respiratory disease with sinus infection, or it can be from a peck or foreign body in the eye. Does she sneeze or have gasping or rattly breathing? Bausch and Lomb or other brands of eye was can be used to flush an eye, and Terramycin eye ointment can be used in the eye to help infection or pinkeye. Look for any dirt or object in the eye while you are treating her.
Thanks for the reply! There aren't any other symptoms other than swollen eye and being lethargic. We found something in her eye and took it out and it's starting to open. Still not completely open though. What can we do about her being unusually sleepy?

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