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    Tonight when we were bringing in our older chicks for the night, one of my silkies, ran into a piece of wire in the back of the brooder, that i think got kicked in by one of my kids. At first i didnt think there was much to worry about becuase it looked like she hurt her eye lid, not the actual eye. I went back out after i put my youngest two to bed. My duaghter came out with me to help fill the waterers and feeders, and cover the brooders for the night. I took her out again, and i was this little piece of stuff that i thought was silkie fluff, (feathers) hanging half way out of the eye. I started to pull it out, when her eye started blleding more. I looked really close and the thing was actually part of her eye!!!! I think i have a chance at saving her sight if i can keep it from getting infected.The cut is at the top part of her eye, not on any major parts that would make her loose all vision. What I need to know is if there is a over the counter eye antibiotic at a feed store, or if i have to go to a vet to get something like that. I gave her a tiny pice of ibuprofren, and another tiny piece of a penicillin antibiotic pill, that i had in the medicine cabinet for the night. If anyone has dealt with this before and can offer some experienced advice, or if anyone has any ideas they are willing to give i would appericiate it very much. It is 2:00a.m. here now so i need to go to bed. BUt when i get up in the morning i will take some pictures and post so you all can see it, and then hopefully figure out how to help my silkie. So please help, Thank you!!!
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    our feed stores carry and ointment erythromyicen(sp) it is an antibiotic u can use that in the eye. put like across bottom eyelid. for humans it is usually 4 times a day. trying to remember last time i had to use it... i think 3-5 days mabe up to 7. if it is not over the pupil or cornia she may not loose site but there is mabe a chance of cateracts(sp?).

    an eye injury is a very serious thing that shouldn't be messed with if not a vet but that is the quickest thing i can thing of. flush it out with sterile saline to make sure there is no metal in the eye and apply that ointment and if not showing signs of improvement in 2 days i'd get her to a vet asap. usually the eye heals pretty quick on it's own for most things but depends on how severe the damage is. i'd not give her ib profin either i'd use asprin. her rough age would help to know how much of a dosage she needs. off hand i can't remember it but others here have given it and should know what the dose for asprin is.

    hope this helps,

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