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    Feb 28, 2009
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    Please help in our special Christmas quest for a special little girl. The story starts with her birth. She and her two sisters were orphaned as newborns. Unfortunately, only she and one sister survived. Since birth, Kippy has sought the comfort from a certain snowman that Iams Dog Food has used as a promotional item several years ago. Also, because she had no thumbs, she found this snowman satisfied her sucking urge.

    Kippy had a secret stash of sucky snowmen, receiving them from Michigan, Indiana, Hawaii and even Alaska! Her stash is dwindling because she has two brothers (one older and one younger) that seek satisfaction in ripping her beloved snowmen from limb to limb and scattering his precious stuffing about.

    Kippy is asking her fellow fur kids to seek their stashes of rawhides, squeaky toys and bouncy balls in hopes that they might have an unsucked snowman that is desperate for the love she can show them. She will do her best to keep her annoying brothers from de-stuffing him.

    Please, check your stashes and if you are so lucky as to find an unloved snowman, please contact Kippy's parents ASAP.

    Once again, please help make this a special sucky Christmas for a special girl!

    (not sure how to add a picture, if you think you might have one, please email me and I will send a picture)
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    Sep 8, 2008
    Have you tried eBay?
    I looked on there for you but don't know exactly what kind of snowman it is --

    I do understand the problem, tho --
    we have a little dog whose favorite possession is a small clown -- she doesn't 'play' with it, just carries it around in a worshipful manner --- the other dogs have pulled it apart and now there is only a leg and part of the body left but she still loves it ---

    I do hope that you find the special snowman for your girl -- [​IMG]
  3. PattiXmas

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    Feb 28, 2009
    Lansing, MI
    We are constantly on eBay. Last year, her papa bought her 6 of them, and she recently got 1 new one from Hawaii. She likes to have at least three available to her at all times. One for our bed, one for the couch and one for us to trip on. Her darling brothers love to tease and torment her with them as well. It's funny how they get "attached" to a certain feel of a toy, and she just had to choose one that is so hard to find. We have even contacted Iams in search of one...
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