HELP - Teeny has body lice!

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    Hi all,

    Teeny, the 6+ month old runt in my flock has yellowish body lice (I think) - a ton of them. I checked a few of my other 9 hens and my rooster and didn't see any on them (although I'm sure they have them, too)...but Teeny is absolutely crawling with them. Ick.

    What is the best way to treat everyone? They live in an enclosed coop in our barn with an outdoor run. It's going to get really cold tonight (20s), but I'm sure it's plenty warm under Teeny's feathers for those nasty bugs. What do you all prefer to treat lice with? I have diatomaceous earth but am not sure how helpful that would be, and I don't want my flock breathing nasty things.

    Any suggestions? If you use chemicals, how long do you have to avoid eating eggs from your flock?

    Thank you!
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    I just posted my answer regarding lice a minute ago and don't want to type everything again. Look a few posts down under Lice eggs? and that should help.

    For tonight I would dust her with the diatemaceous earth because she is infested and probably suffering. First thing tomorrow get the poultry lice and mite dust and follow the instructions. You can still eat the eggs. You don't have to throw any out.

    If you can bathe her in a flea and tick bath tonight and keep her under a light that would be best. The lice will literally suck the life right out of her. Especially a small chick. They live on blood.

    My bad....she's 6 months old. Sorry I got so excited. A good sprinkling of DE tonight starting at her head should help until tomorrow.
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