Help! Tennisball-size crop on 4-month old hen!

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11 Years
Sep 9, 2008
I just returned from a trip to find all my chickens under the front porch, looking like butterball turkeys the day before Thanksgiving. My DH, who loves them very much and wanted to give them a special treat today, "cooked" them an elaborate lunch of left-over spaghetti noodles, bits of tomato, and for dessert, a bowl of grapes (whole, not chopped up in tiy pieces, like he's seen me give them as treats). They all look like they've eaten too much, but seem okay and are still meandering around the yard, picking at grass, bugs, whatever, except my little 4-month old BR hen, Sophie, who has a crop the size and feel of a tennis ball (and she's little!). She tried to peck at some grass, but was then straining to get it down, and instead of running around with the rest of them, she just stands there and looks confused and miserable.
Is this impacted crop? Should I wait until tomorrow (it is now 3pm), to see if it'll empty on its own, or should I give her some olive oil and massage it carefully? I picked her up to feel it, and she is definitely in some distress, because it feels like a tennis ball. If I use olive oil or yoghurt, how do I get it down her throat? HELP, PLEASE!


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Jun 17, 2008
Middle Tennessee
Is this a repeat posting?

If so, you may want to leave all related info in the same thread, as it is more efficient to scroll through.

Sounds like the chix got a bit too much for supper. I would not worry just yet. If the hen is not in respiratory distress (choking, or otherwise in obvious pain/discomfort), I would put them to bed and let your overfed girl sleep off her gorge-fest.

Also let DH know he should go easy on the feasting! Some of the greedy girls will stuff themselves until they are in pain.
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