HELP! The neighbors roosters keep coming after my girls!

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by lifthiminsong, Mar 20, 2013.

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    Aug 9, 2012
    Perhaps about two months ago, while out with my girls, our neighbor (who has varying farm animals which she does NOT take care of!!) hollered over to ask how many eggs I get each day. I replied and then the very next day she had 6-8 roosters - no hens - just roosters.
    Now, as my neighbor does not feed or care for her animals on a regular basis, and considering the nature of roosters altogether, they have begun coming up to our fence line whenever I turn out my girls or feed them. Recently, the roosters have begun jumping/flying over the fence into my yard to "get after" my girls. In and of itself, the "act" is not a bother to me, but I have two small girls (humans), as well as small dogs to also consider. Plus, when we began our journey into chicken ownership, we had a rooster that nearly killed our favored hen, and attacked my leg....he got a new owner. Because of this, I'd rather not have these roosters in my yard!
    Any suggestions on what I can do to keep these pesky roos out? I've already tried communicating with their owner, my neighbor, but nothing has been done on her part.
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    What type of fence and is it yours or your neighbors? I ask because If they are going over the top you could string a lose wire or fishing line about three to six inches over the top. They don't like to go over something they can't land on. They might eventually find a way over or around the fence, but it could take a while.
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    You know, I'm not entirely sure whose fence it is technically. I'm thinking it must be hers because it does not match the fencing around the rest of our yard, and extends beyond our border, however both have been in place since we moved in over 7 years ago. The other three sides are wood which we added wire fencing to for extra protection, while the back fence (that in question) is simply run down wire w/o a top rail. Her horses have all but demolished the fence in trying to get the grass on our side. We have purchased a stronger, heavier duty type fencing and posts to put up, but have not yet, partly because we hate to see it ruined by her animals.

    I will try the fishing line suggestion for now. Thanks for that.
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    If you're replacing the fence anyway, it seems that you are claiming it. You could run electric fence a few inches above the top of the existing fence, or wait until you replace it with the stronger one. Electric is not that expensive and you shouldn't need more than one strand. The horses will learn real quick not to lean over the fence! As far as the roosters - if they were coming into my yard, they would start disappearing and I'd be eating chicken for supper!

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